My Bio


If it’s morning I hope you’re sipping coffee while you read this.

If it’s evening –  I hope you’re sipping wine!

Here’s a taste of my background:

I grew up in Wantagh, Long Island – went to Tisch School of the Arts at NYU and always knew I wanted to be a storyteller.

My first “career” job was at News 12 Long Island where I produced promo spots, wrote press releases and organized marketing events.  While there I co-produced my first documentary titled “Long Island’s Lighthouses” with video photographer Michael DelGiudice. The idea came from my mother, a second grade teacher who lamented there was little or no historical materials about the lighthouses of Long Island.  You might be as surprised as we were to learn there are actually 17 lighthouses on and around Long Island’s coastline.  The documentary was narrated by television legend Dick Cavett who was amazing to work with – and a bit of a flirt!  We were honored to receive several NY Emmy Awards for the film.

You can view the opening sequence here: Long Island’s Lighthouses.  Plans are underway to make dvd’s of the show available soon.  We have a few VHS copies if anyone out there still owns a VCR!

I left News 12 in 2004 to work at a channel called EQUATOR HD.  They sent me around the world to produce international travel shows. It was a dream job!  I worked with crews in Turkey, Spain, Mexico, Malaysia, Singapore, Chile, Guatemala and Argentina.

Here’s a few links to the series and documentaries I created during my tenure there.

EarthTripping was a series hosted by Survivor Africa winner Ethan Zohn. We went around the world figuring out how to travel in an eco-friendly way. This sampling is from the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia episode.

Earth Diaries was a series of short, international travel vignettes hosted by Laura Greene.  This episode starts with an intimate natural sound piece about the Ganges River in India.

And here’s another snippet from Earth Diaries about life in the Himalayan mountains that was among my favorite pieces.  Himalayan Mountains

Semana Santa – Holy Week in Guatemala is all about the Easter processions that take place in Antigua, Guatemala.  Men, woman and young children carry enormous platforms on their shoulders through Antigua’s elaborately decorated ancient streets to commemorate the crucifixion.



Oaxacan children play in the cemeteries during the Day of the Dead Celebrations

Dia de los Muertos – Day of the Dead in Oaxaca, Mexico precedes the origins of Halloween and is an amazing festival!  Mexicans view death as something to be laughed at – and this celebration brings families together for music, dancing, sugar skull candy and all night parties in the cemeteries.

For those who remember the cascades of bright orange in Central Park a few years back, here’s another short film I produced for GALLERY HD.  The Gates in Central Park

And finally, one for the dog lover in everyone.  Reknowned pet photographer Elliot Erwitt invited dogs and their owners from all over NYC to be part of the World’s Record of most dogs in a photograph.  Elliot Erwitt – The Dog Photographer

In 2009 Equator HD shut down and I went freelance to work on short films and unscripted shows in both a producing and production management role.

Then I left the city to move back to the south shore – to Long Beach!

One of the independent projects I was especially honored to be a part of was a short film called “Boatlift.” It was produced by Eyepop Productions for the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  Narrated by Tom Hanks, it tells the story of the largest maritime evacuation in the history of the world.  As a native New Yorker I hadn’t heard a thing about this angle of the 9/11 story until I worked on this film.  It’s compelling, thrilling and inspiring.

In recent years my professional credits include Baggage Battles and Dangerous Grounds for the Travel Channel, Hillbilly Blood, Australia’s Next Top Model and Cutting it in the ATL.  Between jobs I’m at work on a young adult, historical fiction novel set in Long Beach.

That was probably more than you need to know!  But if you have any questions feel free to send them to me on the Contact page and I’ll try to answer as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading!  I hope you enjoy meeting some of your beach town neighbors via this blog.

☮ out,